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Our firm specializes in design of tooling, castings and engineering support for the cast metal industries. We operate in transportation, military and heavy industry sectors. The firm provides engineering design services using up to date technology and works with local and national manufacturing companies. Our team members are comprised of qualified professionals with many years of experience in the cast metals and manufacturing industries.


Design Services

Prototype tooling

Production tooling

Product development

Permanent molds

Semi-permanent molds

Squeeze cast

Design for manufacturing

VRC/PRC Tooling

Patterns & match plates

Shell & isocure core boxes

Production and x-ray fixtures

Prototype & aftermarket castings

Reverse engineering

Investment Wax Molds


Our mission is to provide top quality professional engineering products and services. We are committed to high standards of client service, ethical practice and reasonable profit. We seek to add value through experience, innovation and creativity. Ultimately to align ourselves with our clients’ goals, schedules and cost objectives.

Prototype Tooling

Production Tooling


Reverse Engineering